June 8, 2021

Hello Fellow DeKalb County Republicans, Congratulations to the GAGOP for hosting a successful state convention bringing together over 3,000 Republicans – making this the most attended gathering of its’ kind in our state party’s history. As the CEO of a marketing and events company in the cyber security industry, I can appreciate the challenges of planning a large in-person event in a post-Covid world in just nine weeks when in normal times our volunteers had a runway of nine months. I also want to extend my congratulations to our newly elected GAGOP Officers and gratitude to all the Delegates, Alternates, Guests, Sponsors and Speakers. I am also truly proud of our DeKalb GOP Delegation in that we had 57 of our 59 delegates represented through the elevation of 12 alternates. Our executive committee shined as Michael Braun, Jodi Diodati and Craig Schneider served as Sergeants of Arms and Bobbie Frantz participated on the Registration Committee.

Like many of you, this was my first GAGOP State Convention albeit I have been supporting many candidates and have been involved with the GAGOP, RNC, Trump Victory, NRA and the DeKalb GOP for several years. One of the themes that I heard from the delegates, alternates, elected officials, candidates, and speakers alike was a message of unity. But very few could define what it meant or how to approach it other than telling us that it just needed to be done. Quite frankly at times, I found it to be an empty statement when so many are launching the circular firing squads and grenades to tear someone down to lift someone up. Over the last few weeks, I have watched with dismay and disgust at how many people in our party will scorch earth rather than build bridges. Some simply have made enemies rather than create new allies – but have wondered why their friends have not stood with them. I was also astounded but not surprised that there is an ongoing debate on who is more of a True Republican than the other. Let it be known that being a “True Republican” is not a contest, an entitlement, or a fiefdom. Whether you are a new Patriot, a #WalkAway or someone that has been a lifelong Republican, we all need to remember that to grow this party we will all need each other. We all need to respect that have had to come from somewhere on the political spectrum to get where we are today. Many are angry. Some are defensive. But all of us want to win again. Our success will depend upon uniting as one team by leveraging each other’s strengths, modernizing to build a digital infrastructure and recognizing the importance of celebrating our diversity through shared values. We also need to be inclusive versus exclusive – and take the time to listen and learn. That means embracing new ideas and appreciating the wisdom but blending the two so that we can combine the best of the very best. We also need to realize that our opposition is Team Blue and not each other. Only then we will fuel the Red Tsunami to achieve our goal of winning and to keep Georgia Red. I just hope that our real unity starts today – with each of you.

With Best Regards,

Marci McCarthy
DeKalb GOP Chairman


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