June 21, 2021

Hello Fellow DeKalb County Republicans,

What a great weekend for celebrations – Juneteenth and Dads! On Saturday the DeKalb GOP welcomed Republicans from throughout Georgia to celebrate Juneteenth and to mark its establishment as a Federal Holiday. In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine with the barrage of social media, always being connected to a device and an endless 24 hour “news” cycle that it could take over two years to first hear that you are “FREE” from the chains of bondage. Think about that for a moment – to be isolated or forgotten. During the pandemic, we also quickly missed our freedoms when they were taken away but never really appreciated
them. I know I did. Freedoms that we took for granted – operating your place of business, attending school, getting our hair cut, having dinner with a friend and just hugging a loved one. Our lives and livelihoods forever have changed. Many of us are still trying to recover and put the pieces back together. Let’s put Juneteenth into perspective in that we need to remember that this day does not belong to one group of people. Rather this day belongs to ALL Americans. It’s a testament to the unity of both black and white people who went to great lengths to break the chains of bondage. Juneteenth is about the emancipation of an entire nation–of freeing those previously shackled and preventing former shacklers from treating fellow human beings like property. It’s a reminder of the biblical principle that we have been created from one blood and we are one beautiful, colorful human race. May Juneteenth remind us that hope is never in vain—even when things seem impossible.

In June of 1999 and a few days shy of Father’s Day, I lost my dad to the complications of diabetes. And just a few years ago, my husband also lost his father to diabetes and other health complications. This holiday is a day of reflection for us in that we choose to celebrate the dads everywhere including those that are still watching over us from heaven. We honor the extraordinary fathers who provide support, sacrifice, and love every day for their families. We are thankful for these incredible men who truly make a house a home, filling our spaces with fond memories and laughter day in and day out.

The DeKalb GOP has another busy week ahead from preparing for the upcoming Reapportionment Town Hall Meetings, finalizing our appointments to the DeKalb Board of Registrations and Elections, building out our digital infrastructure as well as the planning for the July 4th Parade. All with the passion and energy to #VoteDeKalbRed. Thank you!

Marci McCarthy
DeKalb GOP Chairman