July 2, 2021

Hello Fellow DeKalb County Republicans,

Earlier this week, DeKalb GOP leaders and members showed solidarity with partner GOP members by providing public testimony at the Reapportionment Town Hall Meeting at the Georgia Capitol.  There is truth to the statement that the “early bird catches the worm” as I was proud to be the first of five witnesses on the docket of our thirteen speakers who were Republicans. This was much to the chagrin of the Democrat operatives who staged a protest style, press conference outside.  We also dominated the gallery by wearing red to demonstrate our support for bringing democracy back to DeKalb.   I am particularly proud of DeKalb Third Vice Chairman Michael Braun and DeKalb Young Republicans Chairman Dontè Thompson for sharing their perspectives on the importance of the redistricting process.  

While I would like to once again extend my congratulations to DeKalb GOP Board of Registration and Elections Representatives Anthony Lewis and Nancy Jester and to the DeKalb Democrats for their reappointment of Susan Motter and Dele Lowman Smith. However, I object to Judge Asha Jackson’s appointment of Karli Swift to the Independent/At-Large Position who replaced Sam Tillman after two decades of service. (Read the 7/1 AJC Article “DeKalb GOP chair says judge’s elections board appointment too partisan” and listen to my 6/30 interview on the John Fredericks Radio Show). It is our belief that Ms. Swift is well positioned to the far left-of-the-left compared to her DeKalb Democrat colleagues. Simply put, Ms. Swift is a radical, progressive activist who regularly endorses the full spectrum of Democrats and despises, in her own words, Republicans. Especially those Republicans that are white men.  From the spectrum of interviews, podcasts, board seats, serving as a National DNC Delegate in 2016 and 2020 and with the establishment of numerous Democrat PACs paired with the mass “Bleachbitting” of her social media personae, we believe that the Ms. Swift’s long-standing political activities will always be in conflict with her ability to facilitate fair and transparent elections. 

The Supreme Court decision of Brnovich vs. DNC is resounding victory for election integrity and the rule of law. In a 6-3 decision authored by Justice Samuel Alito, the Supreme Court saw right through Democrat lies, affirming Republican efforts to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. Although an Arizona case, it will have a tremendous impact here in Georgia, upholding our laws against so-called ballot harvesting. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day! We hope to see you at the Dunwoody July 4th Parade (Held onJuly 5th).  It is not too late to sign up to walk with the DeKalb and Fulton GOPs. In Frank Miniter’s article on America’s 1st Freedom, “It’s always worth stopping on the Fourth of July to behold what we have been given. Freedom.” But there is no easy permanence to Freedom. It’s hard won, easily lost and loaded with responsibility. “The responsibility of freedom necessitates the courage to join other individuals, such as with the NRA, to stand up for our liberty,” he writes. “So, this Independence Day, happily tell whoever will listen how armed Americans won them this freedom and how armed Americans keep it by protecting themselves and others, and by learning about and talking about freedom within this great nation.”

With Best Regards,

Marci McCarthy
DeKalb GOP Chairman

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