December 21, 2021

Since before the 2020 General Election to the present day, many of us have been tirelessly working on the front lines to insure FITness – Faith, Integrity & Trust in our elections. One important step for improvement was passing the Election Integrity Act of 2021 (SB-202).  Millions of Georgians interested in the integrity of our elections applaud those in the General Assembly who voted “Yes” on SB-202.

The Heritage Foundation’s Election Integrity Score Card now ranks Georgia as #1 for “Assessing the Status of State Election Fairness and Security.”  That is quite an accolade! Unfortunately, there are a few that are taking credit for the work who have earned only our scorn, not praise.

I join millions probably outraged but not surprised that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger attempts to take credit for the improvements to our election system in Georgia. In 2020, he unilaterally weakened Voter ID protections and controls. He did not strengthen them. The numerous “irregularities” that triggered our focus on election integrity were directly due to the failures of management and oversight under Secretary Raffensperger’s questionable leadership of the Office of the Secretary of State. In fact, several sections of SB-202 intend to correct multiple failures during Raffensperger’s tenure in office.  If he contributed at all, it was his failures that highlighted the need for so many reforms.

We appreciate this recognition from The Heritage Foundation that acknowledges the significant strides Georgia has made to improve election integrity over the last year. We should celebrate what has been accomplished, however our work to restore FITness – Faith, Integrity & Trust in Georgia is not finished, nor has it been truly tested. 

With all due respect to resting on these laurels and to those who actually deserve credit for them, please remember that every legal vote must count and voting is our most sacred right as Americans. Georgians will have an opportunity to make their voices heard during the 2022 Mid-Term Elections.  As I have said on previous occasions, each of us must do our homework and vote for the strongest slate of candidates to defeat the Democrats in the General Election in November.  This will keep Georgia on top while maximizing the Red Wave across the United States of America. Together we will #VoteDeKalbRed and #KeepGeorgiaRed.  Thank you.

With Best Regards,

Marci McCarthy

DeKalb GOP Chairman

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