:  Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
“Voting is the Foundation Stone for Political Action”

As we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we remember his commitment and mission to secure equal rights and freedom for all Americans.  This year, it seems particularly appropriate to recall Dr. King’s crusade for voting rights via this quote:

“Voting is the foundation stone for political action.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

When Dr. King delivered those provocative words in at the height of the Civil Rights Movement in 1965, he was leading the campaign to confront the disenfranchisement of many black Americans across the South. His leadership, marked by peaceful protests and marches, exposed the racial injustice in our elections fueled by Jim Crow laws.  These laws, passed by State legislatures and enforced by Democrat Governors, used poll tests, poll taxes and other mechanisms designed to discourage voting by black people. The U.S. Congress made these practices illegal when, in bipartisan fashion, it overcame a filibuster by Southern Democrats and passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. 

While our Nation and attitudes concerning race have beneficially changed since Dr. King’s assassination in 1968, his poignant message of “make America a better nation” and his quest for equality is still of vital importance. While much has been achieved in the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, there is quite a bit of hypocrisy coming from the Democrat Party who perpetrated the original Jim Crow.

Democrats are abusing the venal legacy of Jim Crowe as they advocate for H.R.4 – John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021.  Contrary to the iconic names they’ve invoked, Democrats are desperate to pass laws that would make it easier to commit mass voter fraud.  They falsely claim Voter ID, which is supported by almost 80% our Nation’s voters is “Jim Crow 2.0.”  (At the same time, in geographies they control, Democrats are requiring “Vaccination Passports” and Identification to engage in all sorts of public activities including dining in restaurants when so many have chosen not to be injected.)  They claim laws discouraging the mass harvesting of ballots are disenfranchising Black and Brown voters. Democrats also want to remove U.S. Citizenship as a qualification for legal voting while the current administration has intentionally opened our borders and flooded specific States and Congressional districts with illegal immigrants.

Republicans believe that casting a vote is a privilege of citizenship. Republicans want citizens’ votes to be safeguarded and for our elections to be fair and secure. Democrats are attempting to pass laws that would make it far easier for those with bad intent to dilute legal votes. Democrats are attempting to make it far easier to cancel our citizens’ electoral voice with fraudulent votes.  Democrats want to empower autocrats in Washington, D.C. to change rules at their whim as to how we conduct elections throughout the country.  This centralization of election management is a certain path toward tyranny AND violates the specific language and intent of our U.S. Constitution. Democrats are enthusiastic for the prospect of destroying the U.S. Senate and our Constitution to preserve their slim control over the Federal bureaucracy.

We can take comfort in Dr. King’s message and mission. Our government is to be chosen and guided by “the people” and was specifically designed and not empowered to rule over and coerce our citizens. Embedded in each of us is that the heart of the conservatism has always been grassroots movement…from the bottom up rather than from the top down.  While Democrats abuse King’s legacy seeking to mandate social change from the nation’s capital, conservatives seek to empower communities to carry out these moral ends.  On this day, we reflect on the legacy of a man who issued a call to the conscience of our Nation and our world. Let us honor Dr. King by shining the bright light on the progress we’ve made over the last 54 years by working together to ensure that we always have one legal vote count per American citizen. Yes, “Voting is the Foundation Stone for Political Action” and it is time to restore FITness Faith, Integrity and Trust in our elections and to #VoteDeKalbRed.

Thank you.

Warmest Regards,

Marci McCarthy
The DeKalb Republican Party

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