April 25, 2022

I hope that everyone had an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather!  Many of us were out canvassing for our three school board candidates Stephen Bowden – District 2, Bonnie Chappell– District 4 and District 6 – Janet Hughes.    As we are in the final countdown to Early Voting Month and Primary Election Day Georgia, we need all Republicans to volunteer in a number of ways to have the largest Red Wave of Republican Primary Voter Turnout and to #VoteDeKalbRed. Specifically, we need your assistance with GOTV – Get Out the Vote via #VoteDeKalbRed Days and Weekends | School District 2 | School District 4 | School District 6, Tucker Day Parade Walkers & Booth Ambassadors | putting signs in your yards, voting (early in-person) and bringing a friend, neighbor and/or family member to the polls, applying to be a poll worker, volunteering as an Early Voting and Election Day Poll Watcher as well as making a donation to the DeKalb GOP and/or directly to our candidates.

I also want to remind you that TODAY is the last day to register to vote before Georgia’s upcoming May 24th Primary.   Your voice is your vote and your vote is your power.  If you are already registered, visit the Georgia Secretary of State’s website to check your voter information.


Mark your calendars to vote early, in-person on May 2nd which is the first day to vote during the Mid-Term Primary. Early Voting will be held from May 2nd to May 20th with Election Day being held on May 24th. Voting early and in-person will allow you to claim your name and claim your vote – meaning if there is an issue when casting your ballot, you have plenty of time to cure (correct) your ballot. Additionally, campaigns will not call or text you because you already voted. (We cannot stop the ads or the mailers—but you can stop the robocalls and texting!). I would also like to invite you to take a look at our Everything You Need to Know About VotingMeet the CandidatesExplore the Statewide Candidates Issues and the Early Voting Schedule & Location pages. Lots of great information! Please share this information with your friends, family and neighbors!

Mark Your Calendars!

The John Fredericks Show will be kicking off their statewide 18-day bus tour “Real Georgia Speaks, Team Trump GA Bus Tour” at Wild Wings Café in Dunwoody on May 2nd from 6 AM – 10 AM!!!  It will be the first day of early voting – and this will be a great opportunity to meet many of our Federal, Statewide and DeKalb Republican Candidates! Register today!  

The DeKalb GOP will also be out in full force at Tucker Day on May 7th.  We will be walking in the parade and will have a booth on Main Street!  Volunteer as a Parade Walker and as a Booth Ambassador in the DeKalb GOP Tucker Day Booth.  For all of our Republican candidates, we also would like to host a Meet & Greet for youin the DeKalb GOP Tucker Day Booth.  Book your Meet & Greet here.

I look forward to continuing to work with all of you in securing the many victories that lie ahead of us in May and in November. Without a doubt, it is quite simply the most important Midterm Elections in our lifetime. Together, we will honor the blessings bestowed, share our Republican values, and protect the country that we all love.  DeKalb is thriving! DeKalb is awake but not woke!  DeKalb is going to go from a blue desert to a purple pasture by #VotingDeKalbRed!  DeKalb is going to help drive the Red Tsunami which will #KeepGeorgiaRed.

With Best Regards,
Marci McCarthy, Chairman
DeKalb County Republican Party

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