May 1, 2022

May 2nd is a big day!!!!  Early Voting kicks off on Monday, May 2 and will be held through May 20.  Primary Election Day is May 24thVisit the DeKalb GOP’s Special Primary Voter Website: Everything You Need to Know About Voting. And do not forget to come on down to Wild Wings to kick off The John Fredericks Show “Real Georgia Speaks Team Trump Bus Tour”!!  We will be there bright and early from 6 AM – 10 AM.

It is time to Save our Schools in DeKalb! The DeKalb County School Board (DCSB) has neglected our children, parents, educators and facilities for decades. It has come to light that $500 Million is available from the CARES Act, most of which has yet to be distributed while $114,250 was allocated as bonuses amongst 36 HR administrators with payments ranging from $500 to $10,000.  The average check was $2,929 and 3 people received 2 bonus payments. DeKalb was the highest recipient of the CARES Act receiving a HALF BILLION DOLLARS compared to the #2 recipient Gwinnett, who received $461 Million in grant money. It is also very concerning that a preliminary review revealed that $280 Million is missing from ESPLOST IV & V. There are also funds provided by the state of Georgia.  These actions paired with the spontaneous firing of School Superintendent Cheryl Watson-Harris, who was the 7th School Superintendent in a decade, have spurred outrage and encouraging the replacement of the entire DCSB from ALL of DeKalb’s Mayors, State School Superintendent Richard Wood, State Senator Elena Parent, DeKalb CEO Michael Thurmond, the AJC and Decaturish as well as many parents and children who have had enough. It is time to fire the School Board Members in Districts 2,4 and 6 and hire our three school board candidates Stephen Bowden – District 2, Bonnie Chappell District 4 and District 6 Janet HughesNote that the School Board Election is Nonpartisan and each candidate will appear on all three primary ballots Republicans, Democrats, Nonpartisan.  Therefore, the School Board Election Day May 24thWe have an amazing opportunity to WIN BIGLY, end the decades of corruption and will be able to put our #ChildrenFirst because #DeKalbDervesBetter.

It is also time to SOS – Save Our State by NOT Voting for Brad Raffensberger! It has long been understood as a GOP County Chairman that it was inappropriate to endorse a candidate during the Primary. To my knowledge it has never been said that you cannot tell who NOT to vote for in a Primary.  I also have been told over the last year several times that I am not an ordinary County GOP Chairman.   (If anyone really has known me, I have never been thought of as ordinary).  As John Fredericks says regularly on his show, #BeAMarci. So my message is simple, if you want to restore FITness in Georgia’s Elections, DO NOT RE-ELECT BRAD RAFFENSBERGER FOR GEORGIA SECRETARY OF STATE.

It is time to exercise our most sacred right as an American and VOTE.  VOTE Early. Bring a friend, family member, neighbor and/or colleague.  Send your message loud and clear to put #AmericaFirst.

With Best Regards,

Marci McCarthy
Chairman, DeKalb Republican Party

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