May 16 2022

We are now in the home stretch of Early Voting with Friday, May 20th being the last day to Vote Early. Primary Election Day is May 24th!  Make sure you bring a friend or neighbor and Vote! If you need a ride then let us know by calling (404) 334-0182 or email at Before you go, please visit the DeKalb GOP’s Special Primary Voter Website: Everything You Need to Know About Voting.

CALLING ALL REPUBLICANS: Be a part of ensuring FITness – Faith, Integrity & Trust in our elections by volunteering as an Election Day Poll Watcher, Absentee Ballot Observer and/or a Vote Review Panelist in DeKalb County during the Mid-Term Primary Election.  There are 191 Precincts needing coverage on Election Day plus Election Night Operations at the DeKalb Elections and Registration Offices. 


The #RedWave2022 has taken over Georgia! Over the last two weeks, turnout for early voting ahead of the Georgia primary elections continues to set state records. In a release, the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office said that through Thursday, May 12th, just over 330,000 people have early voted in Georgia—a 260% increase from the same point in the early voting period in the 2018 primary election and a 189% increase in the same point in the early voting period in the 2020 primary election. Georgia has had record early voting turnout since the first day of early voting this year, surging to nearly three times the number on the first day of primary voting in 2018 and double that of 2020, and has continued on that path since.

Turnout Numbers Through May 12, 2022

Total Turnout331,376
Early In-Person304,858

Turnout Numbers Through Same Day in 2020

Early In-Person118,480

Turnout Numbers Through Same Day in 2018

Early In-Person91,949


🔺Over 27K did not vote in the last four primary elections

🔺Over 46% did not vote in the 2018 Primary

🔺Over 27K did not vote in the 2018 Primary but have voted every time Trump was on the ballot

The conclusion is that these are not the usual voters and many are first time Republican Primary Voters. #RedWave2022.

The news also is very positive for Republicans in DeKalb as our GOTV #VoteDeKalbRed Campaign is having a major impact!  In 2018, Democrats outvoted Republicans 8 to 1.  This year, the DeKalb Republican Party has shrunk that lead to 3.5 to 1.   We had as many Republicans vote in the FIRST WEEK of advanced voting 2022 as we had over all three weeks in 2018.  Additionally, the majority of the electorate are voting in-person (23,853) vs. via absentee ballot (2,685).

The DeKalb GOP has knocked on over a thousand doors and has sent out a 1,000 postcards for promoting our three candidates Steven Bowden – District 2, Bonnie Chappell – District 4 and Janet Hughes – District 6.  We are also calling and/or texting over 1,500 Republicans who have not yet voted!  Sign-up to Phone Bank for our School Board Candidates. Our Facebook advertising campaigns have generated real results where we have reached 27,667 people in the last week! Our strategy is working as we are showing that the places where we are targeting, people are coming out to vote early in record numbers – Tucker 3,286, South DeKalb – 3,124, Dunwoody 2,740, Briarwood (Brookhaven) – 1,051 and Emory – 1,080.

To help keep the momentum going, we would appreciate it if you would consider making a donation to the DeKalb GOP..

In closing, our community has changed over the last two decades. Sadly, in most circumstances it is not for the better – especially with our schools where there has been years of systemic neglect, financial mismanagement and failed leadership. In DeKalb County, only 38% of our elementary students are testing above the reading proficiency level and 37% are testing above the proficiency level in math.  That means over 60% of DeKalb’s children are not proficient in reading or math.  We need to do a better job for them, invest in their futures by voting in a new school board in Districts 2, 4 and 6.

We all love DeKalb. It has been my home since I became a Georgia Peach in 1994. I look forward to the day to where I hear people say that I moved to DeKalb because of the great schools. Or because it is a safe place to live and an awesome place to business. Now I only hear that I was born there or I used to live in DeKalb but moved away.  #DeKalbDeservesBetter — And quite frankly, we deserve the best!!!  So please get out and #VoteDeKalbRed!

Thank you.

With Best Regards,

Marci McCarthy, Chairman
DeKalb County Republican Party

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