May 22, 2022

We are now in the final inning as Primary Election Day is Tuesday, May 24th!  As we go into this election cycle, many of us have been making phone calls, knocking on doors, waving signs for candidates, getting the word out on social media and serving as Poll Watchers, Absentee Ballot Observers and Vote Review Panelists.  On behalf of the DeKalb GOP and our 25 Candidates, let me say THANK YOU!  Thank you for getting involved in the process in your community, ensuring FITness – Faith, Integrity & Trust in our Elections and helping to #VoteDeKalbRed

For many of us including myself, we are no longer in the U.S Congressional District 6 but have been redistricted to U.S Congressional District 4.  This means Lucy McBath is no longer our Congresswoman and Hank Johnson is our representative. There are two Republican candidates running – Jonathan Chavez and Surrea Ivy. In the U.S. Congressional District 5, Christian Zimm is running unopposed in the Republican Primary.   Before you go, please visit the DeKalb GOP’s Special Primary Voter Website: Everything You Need to Know About Voting

It is also time to Save Our Schools and HIRE three new school board membersSteven Bowden – District 2, Bonnie Chappell – District 4 and Janet Hughes – District 6. We have an amazing opportunity to WIN BIGLY, end the decades of corruption and finally will be able to put our #ChildrenFirst because #DeKalbDervesBetter.  Please volunteer to Sign Wave on Election Day for our candidates.

Please make sure you bring a friend or neighbor and VOTE! If you need a ride than let us know by calling (404) 334-0182 or email


The #RedWave2022 has taken over Georgia! So far in the 2022 primary election, 710,137 people have voted. At this point in the 2018 primary, that number was 252,955. Total turnout for the 2022 primary is 181% higher.*

All of Georgia

406,388 (57.2%) people have voted with Republican ballots in the 2022 primary.

299,232 (42.1%) people have voted with Democratic ballots in the 2022 primary.
4,517 (0.6%) people have voted with Non-Partisan ballots in the 2022 primary.

DeKalb County

61,580 people have voted so far in the 2022 primary election, representing 10.9% of registered voters. The breakdown is 6,105 mail votes, and 55,475 early, in-person votes.

12,168 (19.8%) people have voted with Republican ballots in the 2022 primary.

48,827 (79.2%) people have voted with Democratic ballots in the 2022 primary.
585 (1.0%) people have voted with Non-Partisan ballots in the 2022 primary.

2020 Primary

11.0% pulled a Republican ballot and 89.0% voted with a Democrat ballot.

2018 Primary

15.0% pulled a Republican ballot and 85.0% voted with a Democrat ballot.

We are also winning in State House District 52 where 53% R’s voted in 2022 as compared to 40% in 2018. In State House District 80 where 59% R’s voted in 2022 as compared to 44% in 2018.

There is also some speculation on the Democrat crossover votes to Republican Ballots during the 2022 Primary.  My belief is that the majority of the new voter are coming over for the right reasons.  Brandon has tanking poll numbers that are being driven down by a myriad of failing policies to include out-of-control inflation, rising gas prices, baby formula shortages, unsafe communities, open borders and the poor handling of foreign affairs like the Ukraine and Afghanistan.  People are awake not woke!  They are realizing that Democrats have nothing to offer except a deflection of kitchen table issues that are impacting every American.  People vote with their wallets especially when they are empty. The DeKalb GOP welcomes its’ new voters – from those that never voted before in a primary to those that are tired of unfulfilled promises, failing schools and hyprocrisy.   We welcome all who would like to get our country back on track. It is time to put #AmericaFirst and #VoteDeKalbRed.

Overall the news is very positive for Republicans in DeKalb. Our GOTV #VoteDeKalbRed Campaign is having a major impact!  In 2018, DeKalb Democrats outvotedDeKalb Republicans 8 to 1.  This year, the DeKalb Republican Party has shrunk that lead in half to 4 to 1.    To help keep the momentum going into the General Election, we would appreciate it if you would consider making a donation to the DeKalb GOP

We would also like to welcome our new DeKalb County Committee Members — Eric Zhang and Shawn Perkins.    Let’s get out and vote on May 24th and make it a YUGE #RedTsunami2022. VOTE because #DeKalbDeservesBetter — And quite frankly, we deserve the best!!! 

Thank you.

With Best Regards,

Chairman, DeKalb Republican Party

* If you would like to dive into the voter data than please visit

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