August 8, 2022

The U.S. Senate Democrats with the tie breaking vote being cast by Kamala Harris just approved the largest tax hike in American history in the midst of the worst inflation in 40 years.  In this $740 Billion Dollar Spending Spree, the Biden Administration just doubled the size of the IRS to be larger than the Pentagon, The U.S. State Department, The FBI and The Border Patrol combined.  With more than $1.7 Million people illegally crossing our border, America will Build Back Broke as the falsely titled “Inflation Reduction Act” is a beard for climate change and is an attack on the middle class. According to analysis from the Heritage Foundation, OVER HALF of the tax burden from the #BidenflationScam would fall on Americans making less than $200,000 per year. Biden promised the middle class wouldn’t “pay a penny more in taxes.” Well – he lied!   In 92 Days,Georgia Republicans have the opportunity of a lifetime to take back the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, retain the majority in the Georgia General Assembly and keep our Constitutional Officers red.  Today, just proved why no Georgian should stay home, skip a race on their ballot or vote for any other candidate that is not a Republican.

The DeKalb GOP is Leading the Way
in Restoring FITness – Faith, Integrity & Trust

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Jenny Beth Martin who is the Co-Founder of The Tea Patriots just spoke at CPAC Texas.  In her main stage speech, Jenny Beth highlighted my leadership and the DeKalb GOP’s election integrity efforts as “an inspiration for others across the country” and states that “our liberties are only secure as our elections.”  Many thanks to Jenny Beth for the shout outs to our fellow Georgians and for the recognition for our hard work. None of this would be possible without Jenny Beth at the helm of this movement.   Be sure to check out our upcoming Election Integrity Training Classes and Apply to be a Poll Worker.

I also want to thank the Fayette Republican Party for the opportunity to talk about “Restoring FITness – Faith & Integrity & Trust in Our Elections” at your breakfast meeting. Joining me was Georgia House District 82 Candidate Jenine Milum and Georgia Victory/GAGOP Regional Election Integrity Director, Stefan Castellucci.  Many thanks to Fayette GOP Chairman Randy Ognio, 1st Vice Chairman Lane Watts, 2nd Vice Chairman Jennifer Lunsford, Vice Chairman of Events Elaine Kilgore, Vice Chairman Rules Gary Chapman and the entire crew for the warm welcome and hospitality. You are all awesome!


Congratulations to Kari Lake on winning the Arizona Governor’s Republican Primary!
On to the General and then Governor #Karizona!
Kari officially won every single county in Arizona – it was a clean sweep win.


Join the DeKalb GOP and our candidates at our many upcoming events to include House District 52 Candidate Wendy Ahrenkiel at her Neighborhood Meet & Greets on August 18 and August 30 as well as the Fundraising Reception for State Senate Candidates with Special Guests Governor Brian Kemp & Lt. Governor Nominee Senator Burt Jones on August 25th.  I also hope that you will join us at the DeKalb GOP Breakfast on August 20th.  We have an amazing line-up to include GAGOP Chairman David Shafer, Republican National Committee Woman Ginger Howard, Republican National Committee Man Jason Thompson, Jayre Jones, Melanie Williams, Rick Shephard, Jenine Milum, and Carminthia Moore!

A special thank you to Keaton Russell and Joe Weeks for renewing their DeKalb GOP Membership at the Chairman’s Level!  We appreciate the both of you!

We are making a difference.  Will you help us to #VoteDeKalbRed by chipping in whatever amount you are comfortable with?  We cannot do it without YOU!

I Will Chip in to #VoteDeKalbRed

Let’s #VoteDeKalbRed and Keep Choppin!!

With Best Regards,
Marci McCarthy, Chairman, DeKalb Republican Party

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