October 7, 2022

We are at 32 Days to the Midterm Elections! Join us tomorrow morning for the DeKalb GOP Breakfast featuring Jenny Beth Martin, Honorary Chairman, Tea Party Patriots Action & Co-Founder which will be held on October 8th from 9:00-10:30 AM.  We will also have “A Briefing on the Midterm Elections 2022” from Julietta Henry who is the new Deputy Director for the DeKalb County Board of Registration & Elections paired with The Georgia State House Candidate Power Panel comprised of Mary Benefield (HD81), Jenine Milum (HD82) and Catherine Bernard (HD83).

Please check out our newly launched website DeKalbPollWatchers.com.  We need all of you to volunteer as a DeKalb GOP Early Voting Poll Watcher and an Election Day Poll Watcher for the General Mid-Term Election in DeKalb County, Georgia. Our last in-person training class for Vote Review Panels October 9th from 2 PM – 4:30 PM.  Check out the Georgia Victory Virtual Poll Watching Training Schedule as well.  Thanks! 

With Best Regards,

Marci McCarthy, Chairman
DeKalb Republican Party

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