October 24, 2022

Happy Diwali! May the Diwali festive season be filled with celebrations, festivities, and joy.

We are also 15 days from Election Day with Early Voting underway through November 4th.  October 28th is last day to request an absentee ballot application. There is a record turnout in Georgia where we have had 816,884 people have voted in the 2022 general election.   According to Georgia Votes, at this point in the 2018 general election, that number was 520,290. Total turnout for the 2022 general election is already 57% higher!  In DeKalb, we have had a record 65,779 voting in the 2022 general election, representing 11.7% of registered voters. The breakdown is 2,683 mail votes, and 63,096 early, in-person votes.  87,228 people have requested a ballot for the 2022 general election, representing 15.5% of registered voters.

It also appears that we have already doubled the Hard R voter turnout from 2018 in the same time period in the second bluest county in Georgia. But do not get too comfortable because the Hard Ds have also come out in record numbers.  We need all hands-on deck to Get-Out-The Vote and to #VoteDeKalbRed!  We cannot take anything for granted – bring a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member to the polls!

Also, please get your tickets for our DeKalb GOP Breakfast to be held on November 8thfrom 9 AM -10:30 AM at Heritage Golf Links.  We will have Mark Rountree, who is the President of Landmark Communication sharing his “Polls & Predictions.”

Thank you to all doing to ensure FITness -Faith, Integrity & Trust in our elections.  But we still need you! Please volunteer to be a DeKalb GOP Early Voting Poll Watcher, Election Day Poll Watcher , Absentee Ballot Observer and a Vote Review Panelist at DeKalbPollWatchers.com. 

With Best Regards,

Marci McCarthy, Chairman
DeKalb Republican Party

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