August 10, 2023

It is hard to believe that the summer has flown by and this week had the first day of school for many of our children.  It has been wonderful enjoying the First Day of School Photos on Facebook.  Enjoy each day with them as they grow up so fast!

It also can’t be ignored that as we head back to school that many Americans are also reeling the effects of Bidemomics gas prices are again nearing $4 a gallon! Inflation has reached the highest level in half a century and mortgage rates are pushing a brutal 7%.  This is in great contrast to when President Trump was in office where Americans enjoyed a record low 30-year mortgage rate of 2.65%, inflation was less than 1.9% and we had gasoline down to a $1.87 per gallon.”  It is important to note that Georgia has retained its’ triple AAA Moody’s Investors Service and S&P Globing Ratings in contrast to downgrading the Georgia has issued new set of bonds on June 27 which will have the proceeds go towards K-12 schools, higher education, public safety, and economic development projects.  But we are also hearing from so many parents that their children are under siege with DEI, gender ideology and woke curriculums in the forefront of the classroom.  instead of studying STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering to fuel Georgia’s Pro-Business Economy.  Pair this with the latest setback in DeKalb where our School Board has forked out $1.5 M to pay a police whistleblower settlement in the school district’s police department. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2017 reported that Cpl. Fredrick Joiner had filed the complaint, alleging “district officials retaliated against him for reporting corruption in the public safety department and sexual misconduct involving students.  And thank you Decaturish for bringing all this to light.  It is our hope that we can recruit a new set of school board candidates to run for office in Districts 1,3, 5 and 7 to correct decades of corruption and incompetence. 

Congratulations Joseph Yanta!

Congratulations to Joseph Yanta for being elected Chairman of the Georgia Teen Republicans‼️ The DeKalb GOP was proudly in attendance to support its’ youngest member & the founder /Chairman of the DeKalb Teenage Republicans! I was also thrilled to be a featured speaker at the GATARS State Convention. Our future is bright! 

Welcome Rep. Mesha Mainor to the GAGOP!

The DeKalb GOP is thrilled to welcome Rep. Mesha Mainor to the Georgia Republican Party! We applaud your courage and desire to ensure that all Georgians and all Americans have access to the resources they need to realize their American dreams.  We are also looking forward to having you join us at the DeKalb GOP Breakfast on August 19th

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Congrats to the DeKalb GOP and Thank you GAGOP Chairman Josh McKoon!

The DeKalb GOP was thrilled to welcome Georgia Republican Party Chairman Josh McKoon to our last County Committee Meeting.  Chairman McKoon presented GAGOP Five Star Program Award to the DeKalb GOP for Winning the Lincoln League & Being Named Outstanding County Party Runner Up. It was an honor to receive this recognition and a check for $1,500! This is a testament to the incredible strides of this organization to #VoteDeKalbRed! Thank you!

I love that Republicans are working hard and connecting with our community to #VoteDeKalbRed! Join us at one or more of these organizational events and training.  Thank you!

With Best Regards,

Marci McCarthy

Chairman, DeKalb County Republican Party

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