November 6, 2023

Despite having 14 Early Voting Locations and 6 Drop Boxes and 19 days of early voting, only a mere 2% of DeKalb County Registered Voters have voted Early or via Absentee Ballot. While it is a common myth that important elections only take place every 2 or 4 years, local elections often take place every year, and because turnout is lower, your vote can actually make even more of a difference in municipal elections have a direct impact on your lives and livelihoods. In 2023 and with record inflation, we have several ballot questions regarding EHOST AND SPLOST questions pertaining to your Homestead –meaning this determines your taxation in DeKalb County. There are mayoral races taking place in Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, Doraville, Dunwoody, Stonecrest and Pine Lake.  And we have City Council, School Board and Commissioner races taking place throughout DeKalb County. These are the people that will decide what your child is learning in school, will create the regulations on how to run your business, the rapid development in our communities and will make decisions on your public safety in our communities. Choose wisely as they will either invest your hard-earned tax dollars or squander them.  Remember that DeKalb County Elected Officials have a track record of squandering and enriching their own cabals and fiefdoms at your expense.  While you will not see an R or D besides a candidate’s name on the ballot as this is a non-partisan election, those that have conservative values are Diane Adoma for Stonecrest Mayor, Mark Frost for Brookhaven Mayor, Blake Beyer for Brookhaven City Council District 2, Michael Braun for Chamblee City Council District 2 and Karen Berry for City Council Member District 1, Post 2.  Check out the ballot before you vote. Make the time to VOTE because #DeKalbDeservesBetter.

 With Best Regards,

Marci McCarthy, Chairman, DeKalb County Republican Party

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