Furquan Stafford
Senate District 10


I am Furquan Stafford, a candidate for the Georgia State Senate representing District 10, which includes parts of Dekalb County and Henry County. As a Black Republican, I am committed to redefining the “R” in Republican to mean “Relationships,” focusing on strengthening ties between the Republican Party and the Black community through advocacy and understanding.

My platform addresses systemic inequalities, pushing for economic empowerment and educational
opportunities to close the wealth gap and foster equality. Drawing inspiration from Frederick Douglass, I aim to work across party lines for the benefit of all Americans.

My personal journey of resilience, from overcoming challenges to achieving educational and professional
milestones, has shaped my dedication to public service. As a community leader, I have advocated for minority owned businesses.

With my wife Sheila, we lead the Stafford Boxing Club, a mentorship program that nurtures and guides young people. As I campaign for the State Senate, my focus is on creating lasting change and inspiring a brighter, more inclusive future for our community.

Why do you align with the Republican Party?

As an African American man living in a predominantly Democratic Black community, I proudly stand as a Republican, drawing inspiration from the legacy of great leaders like Frederick Douglass. My alignment with the Republican Party is rooted in a deep belief in the principles of individual liberty, self-reliance, and economic empowerment that have historically been championed by the party.

Frederick Douglass, a towering figure in American history and a former slave who became a prominent abolitionist, understood the power of freedom and self-determination. His unwavering commitment to justice and equality serves as a guiding light for me as I navigate the political landscape. Like Douglass, I believe that the Republican Party’s emphasis on personal responsibility and economic opportunity aligns with the values that can lead to greater progress and empowerment within the Black community.

I am inspired by the Republican Party’s focus on economic policies that promote entrepreneurship, job creation, and upward mobility. I firmly believe that these principles can help break the cycles of poverty and inequality that persist in our community. By advocating for lower taxes, deregulation, and investment in economic development, I see the potential for real, tangible change that can uplift individuals and families in our community.

Additionally, as a Republican, I am drawn to the party’s support for education reform and
school choice. I believe that every child deserves access to a quality education that meets their
unique needs and aspirations. By empowering parents with the ability to choose the best
educational path for their children, we can break down barriers and provide our youth with the tools they need to succeed, just as Frederick Douglass himself understood the power of education in his own life.

Furthermore, the Republican Party’s commitment to preserving traditional values and strengthening family units resonates deeply with me. I believe in the importance of strong, supportive communities and the fundamental role that families play in our society. These values, along with a dedication to the sanctity of life, are in harmony with my own beliefs and aspirations for a better future for our community.

In conclusion, my alignment with the Republican Party is a reflection of my unwavering commitment to the principles of liberty, opportunity, and empowerment for all Americans, including those in the Black community. I am inspired by the legacy of Frederick Douglass and others who have fought for justice and equality, and I believe that the Republican Party offers a pathway to realize these ideals in our modern society.

What are your top three reasons for running for office as a Republican?

As an African American man deeply rooted in my community and committed to advocating
for positive change, my decision to run for office as a Republican is driven by several key

  1. Empowerment and Economic Opportunity: I believe in the power of economic empowerment and opportunity to uplift individuals and communities. As a Republican candidate, I aim to promote policies that stimulate economic growth, foster entrepreneurship, and create job opportunities, especially within underserved areas like my own community. I am committed to advocating for lower taxes, deregulation, and targeted investment in economic development to provide a pathway for prosperity and upward mobility for all individuals, regardless of their background.
  2. Education Reform and School Choice: I am passionate about improving educational outcomes and expanding access to quality education for all children. As a Republican candidate, I will prioritize education reform and support policies that empower parents with the ability to choose the best educational options for their children, whether it be through charter schools, private schools, or other innovative approaches. I believe that by championing school choice and advocating for educational excellence, we can break down barriers and provide our youth with the tools they need to succeed and thrive in the 21st century.
  3. Strengthening Families and Communities: I am dedicated to preserving and promoting the traditional values that are essential to the strength of our families and communities. As a Republican candidate, I will prioritize policies that support strong family units, encourage community engagement, and foster a culture of personal responsibility and mutual support. I believe that by upholding these values, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment where individuals can flourish and thrive, contributing to the overall well-being of our society.

    In summary, my decision to run for office as a Republican is driven by a deep-seated
    commitment to empowerment, education, and the preservation of strong communities. I am
    dedicated to advocating for policies that will create tangible, positive change for individuals
    and families within my community and beyond, and I am determined to be a voice for all
    those who seek a brighter, more prosperous future.
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