The Trump Force 47 is Coming to DeKalb County

Can you believe we’re just 150 days away from Election Day? Well, I have some exciting news to share! The Trump Force 47 is coming to DeKalb County, and we need your help to #VoteDeKalbRed in the November elections. Despite being the 3rd bluest county (formerly the 2nd in Georgia), we’ve made remarkable progress, puncturing the Blue Wall. In the 2022 Midterm Primary, we doubled Republican Voter Turnout and increased margins of victory by 11% in the General. Now, imagine what we can achieve by mobilizing for President Trump and to #VoteDeKalbRed.

Stay tuned for the date and time of the dedicated DeKalb GOP Zoom Call with The Trump Force 47 Campaign Team – you won’t want to miss this opportunity for the full rollout details.  But in the interim, join Trump Force 47 today! There’s no cost to participate, and it’s not a donation request. We’ll be leveraging our current organizational structure of Senate and House District Chairs. Volunteers like yourself are essential to delivering enough votes for President Trump and our DeKalb GOP Republican Candidates to win in November. Let’s make this the plan for our victory!

We’re asking you to complete small tasks of your choosing to become a Trump Force 47 Captain, including:

  • Visiting 10 voters in your neighborhood from a targeted list provided by the campaign team.
  • Participating in phone banks to make calls to targeted voters.
  • Delivering yard signs to your neighbors.
  • Being trained and shifted to work as a poll watcher.

For already contributing greatly as a DeKalb GOP Member, you can earn achievement rewards. President Trump’s most dedicated Trump Force 47 volunteers will be eligible for exclusive rewards, including:

  • Trump Force 47 Memorabilia
  • Exclusive Trump Force 47 Captain Apparel
  • Special Expedited Entry at Trump Rallies
  • Limited Edition Trump Force 47 Captain Hat
  • Invitation to an Exclusive Volunteer Thank You Party with President Trump!

Ready to get in the game and help us win? Our voters are more motivated now than ever, but not everyone knows how to help. This is the way to make a difference. Make a minimal time commitment as a Trump Force 47 Captain and you will have a YUGE impact on winning the election.

Join Trump Force 47 today! President Trump is counting on you! Let’s #VoteDeKalbRed!

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Chairman, DeKalb Republican Party

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