Celebrate Independence Day and Secure Our Future Together!

As we gather to celebrate the birth of our great nation this Independence Day, we find ourselves at a critical juncture. Joe Biden’s leadership is visibly faltering, and the undeniable signs of his struggle with dementia are a concern for us all. Calls for him to step down are growing louder as our nation faces unprecedented challenges. We are witnessing conflicts around the world—in Ukraine, Israel’s struggle against Hamas and the shadow of Iran, the looming threats from China and Russia. Our commitment to supporting Israel remains unwavering as they defend their sovereignty against relentless threats. Meanwhile, record inflation continues to strain American families, and our open borders have exacerbated the situation, compromising national security and overwhelming our resources. It is clear that we need a change in direction.

Reflecting on the Trump presidency, we remember a time of strength and decisive leadership. Under President Trump, our nation stood tall on the global stage, our economy flourished, and peace agreements were brokered. Now, more than ever, it is essential to compare those times to our current state and recognize the stark differences in leadership and policy. We must rally together to restore our nation’s greatness and ensure that our values are upheld.

This Independence Day, let’s enjoy our freedoms and cherish the time with family and friends. Whether you’re watching fireworks, hosting a barbecue, or reflecting on our nation’s history, remember the importance of your vote in shaping our future. Many of us are participating in the Dunwoody July 4th Parade—join us in celebrating our nation’s independence and our community’s spirit. I urge you to #VoteDeKalbRed and ensure your voice is heard by banking your vote early. Together, we can reclaim our nation’s promise and secure a prosperous future for generations to come.

Best Regards,

Chairman, DeKalb Republican Party

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