DeKalb Students and Teachers Deserve Better


“The DeKalb GOP is outraged that the DeKalb County School District and Board have systematically neglected Druid Hills High School putting our children at risk for decades. An educational environment should be a thriving institution, not a health hazard wasteland filled with exposed mold, crumbling walls, and sewage leaks. It is time to individualize the schools to drive innovation. Schools should not be treated as one size fits all. Our children deserve better. It is time to vote in new leadership to our DeKalb School Board.”

Marci McCarthy, Chairman, DeKalb Republican Party

It’s time for new leadership.

Now you have a choice in DeKalb!

Vote Early May 2 – May 20

Primary Election Day May 24

Note that the School Board election is non-partisan and each candidate will appear on all three primary ballots

– RepublicanDemocratand Nonpartisan

Before You Vote

Check your registration status at the My Voter Page. In order to vote, you must register 30 days before an election.

Bring your identification. For more information about Georgia’s ID requirements, click here

View the Early Voting Locations

On Election Day, you must vote at your assigned precinct. You can find your precinct using the My Voter Page

DeKalb County Republican Party

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