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March 1, 2023 – Legislative Update

USA TODAY | December 3, 2022

CNN |  December 2, 2022

With four days to Run-Off Election Day, three DeKalb GOP Members – Jenine Milum, Lisa Kinnemore and Andre “Scottie” Dennis speak to Don Lemon at CNN on why they are voting for Herschel Walker.

John Fredericks – Outside the Beltway / America’s Voice News | November 29, 2022

Marci McCarthy – DeKalb GOP Chairman joined the John Fredericks Show / Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks on America’s Voice News to discuss the importance of the early voting for Herschel Walker.

“We can’t keep making these same mistakes.”

Watch the Clip | Watch the entire show on Rumble

August 11 | Epoch TimesStacey Abrams’s Economic Plan Will Cost State Taxpayers, Republicans Say

Stacey Abrams wants a money grab, to take your hard-earned paycheck and redistribute it, which is socialism. Being an entrepreneur is not an entitlement,” DeKalb County Republican Chairwoman Marci McCarthy said.

August 6 | Addy’s NewsletterBrad Raffensperger Admits Fulton County Made Mistakes in 2020 Election Count UNREDACTED A MUST READ

“For over TWO years people have been called liars, conspiracy theorists and [been] threatened for stating that the 2020 Elections and then the Recount was improperly facilitated in Fulton County. A recent email from Georgia’s Secretary of State Attorney Ryan Germany to Joe Rossi, has now confirmed that the negligence and violations that occurred during the 2020 Elections has in fact been confirmed as TRUE and FACTUAL,” DeKalb County Republican Chairwoman Marci McCarthy said.

“It is no secret that Fulton County has had continual ‘issues’ with delivering election results year after year – this is nothing new, it has been going on for years, if not DECADES. What is more egregious, is that NO ONE is being held accountable for Fulton County’s systemic failure to deliver FITness – faith, Integrity and Trust in elections,” McCarthy said.

August 4 | Georgia Star NewsGovernor Kemp Extends Gas Tax Suspension, Supply Chain State of Emergency

“When gas prices hit record highs, it was ‘Putin’s Gas Hike.’ On the slow decline and ignoring the fact that gas prices have doubled since taking office because of this war on American energy, Joe Biden says ‘I did that.’ By extending the gas tax suspension and solving the supply chain issues, Governor Brian Kemp is saying ‘I am fighting for ALL Georgians.” Marci McCarthy – DeKalb GOP Chairman

August 3 | AJCThe Georgia GOP ‘Civil War’ in 2022 Might Be Over

“There’s no use for the infighting anymore. We are looking at what unites us, not divides us.” Jodi Diodati, Candidate Georgia State House District 90

August 2 | Georgia Star NewsAtlanta Mayor Courts Democrats for 2024 DNC Convention

“It is evident that the DNC is selecting two of their final four cities based on falsely perceived gains in the 2020 elections. The reality is Georgia is ultimately a Red State which will be demonstrated once again in November.” Marci McCarthy – DeKalb GOP Chairman

August 2 | 412 Productions | Special Guest Jenine Milum

July 31 | The Epoch TimesPoliticos Spin Close Warnock-Walker Georgia Senate Race

Marci McCarthy – DeKalb GOP Chairman sits down with Dan Berger of to discuss the U.S. Senate Race and why all eyes are on Georgia.

July 31 | The Tennessee Star Brian Kemp Extends Lead Over Abrams to Eight Points in Latest Poll

“For the majority of Georgians, Stacey Abrams has gone too far to the left. Brian Kemp continues to put Georgians’ Lives and Livelihoods first. I expect to see the polls continue to favor our Governor especially as the economy is the #1 concern.” Marci McCarthy – DeKalb GOP Chairman

July 29 | The Epoch TimesSchool Choice Looms as Electoral Stealth Issue

“We are teaching people to be victims in our schools rather than to become contributing members of society,”

Marci McCarthy – DeKalb GOP Chairman is quoted extensively on why minorities are favoring School Choice Policies and how there should be a renewed focus on STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math vs. CRT – Critical Race Theory.

The DeKalb GOP is Leading the Way

in Restoring FITness – Faith, Integrity & Trust in Our Elections

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ICMYI: In the News!

Jenny Beth Martin who is the Co-Founder of The Tea Patriots just spoke at CPAC Texas. In her main stage speech, Jenny Beth highlighted my leadership and the DeKalb GOP’s election integrity efforts as “an inspiration for others across the country” and states that “our liberties are only secure as our elections.” Many thanks to Jenny Beth for the shout outs to our fellow Georgians and for the recognition for our hard work. None of this would be possible without Jenny Beth at the helm of this movement. Be sure to check out our upcoming Election Integrity Training Classes and Apply to be a Poll Worker.

The Absolute Truth: Marci McCarthy and Emerald Robinson talk Fulton County Recertification & DeKalb Hand Recount for 2022 Primary | Watch Here

The Georgia 2022 Show: Marci McCarthy Discusses The Crossover Vote, DeKalb’s Commissioner 2 Democrat Primary Recount and the latest on the Run Off for DeKalb County School District 6 Race. | Watch Here (Interview – starts at 28:57)

The Beth Beskin Show: Marci McCarthy Discusses The Crossover Vote, DeKalb’s Commissioner 2 Democrat Primary Recount, Crossover Vote & Republicans coming together because we all Georgia | Listen Here

AJC: “From what I’m hearing overall is all Georgians are more confident with the continuation of Republican leadership,” DeKalb GOP Chair Marci McCarthy said. “I believe that everyone in the Georgia GOP will rally behind Gov. Kemp as we all love Georgia.” Read the article here.

ICYMI | The DeKalb GOP in the News! The Georgia Show 2022 | May 22

Watch the On-Demand Replay

Decaturish – In Support of Steven Bowden – Candidate for School Board Candidate District 2

May 13, 2022 | Outside The Beltway with John Fredericks Part 2

Marci McCarthy, DeKalb GOP Chairman and GAGOP Foundation Board of Governors and State Committee Caroline Jeffords join Outside of the Beltway Host John Fredericks

Watch On-Demand

AJC – DeKalb School Board Candidates Split on Firing of Superintendent

DeKalb School Board District 2: Four Candidates Want Orson’s Open Seat

DeKalb School Board District 4: Incumbent, Challenger Face Off

DeKalb School Board District 6: DaCosta Faces Two Challengers The Georgia 2022 Show | May 15

DeKalb GOP Chairman Marci McCarthy joins L Todd Wood and Christine Dolan on The Georgia 2022 Show to discuss the DeKalb County School Board Races (Districts 2, 4 and 6) Early Voting Trends and what is fueling the Red Wave in DeKalb County, Georgia. Note: Marci joins the show at 33.54.

Marci McCarthy – DeKalb County GOP Chair joins Emerald Robinson on her show, The Absolute Truth

The John Fredericks Show Kicks of the #RealGeorgia Speaks Team Trump Tour with the DeKalb GOP!

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