Stop Cancel Culture

We Were Played!

Today the RNC called out the MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred and President Joe Biden among many others, for “being played” by a cabal of Leftist Democrats led by Stacy Abrams. 

They should be embarrassed by falling for such transparent lies. They even repeated many of the lies about the Georgia Voting law apparently without fact-checking. For example, President Biden quoted Stacy Abrams’ charge that the law was “Jim Crow on steroids… worse than segregation and lynching. It’s Bull Connor and firehoses and snarling German shepherds ‘on steroids.’”  FALSE! FALSE! FALSE! 

The Jim Crow 2.0 narrative was developed weeks before the law was passed! It has no relation to the actual law. Even the AJC had to retract earlier statements – for example that the law prevented giving water to people in line to vote, and that it closed polls early. 

The All-Star Game loss directly impacts thousands of DeKalb workers and small businesses.

The loss of $100 million to Greater Atlanta, mostly to minority owned small businesses, is a shame. 

But it is only a small part of the loss of freedom in America at the hands of the Cancel Culture. Lives and careers are ruined, in Gwinnett and throughout Georgia. People live in fear of being cancelled.

It is time for this to STOP!

We call on everyone in positions of power – politicians, corporate executives, athletes, celebrities – STOP CANCELLING PEOPLE. 

STOP BOWING TO THE BULLIES! We don’t want bullies in the Boardroom, and we don’t want bullies in politics!

CHECK YOUR FACTS before taking a political stand.

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